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Our company is an experienced German specialist in the field of construction and investment and construction decisions.

Great experience, an established infrastructure and high professionalism of our specialists allow us to carry out high quality work in the industry on a global level.

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Volume of work performed in Russia by Business "Construction", in 2012, could reach about 7 trillion., An increase compared to 2011 by 40%.
British company LDA Design has won a tender to develop a framework concept for the development of the Central Park of Culture and Leisure in Moscow's Gorky.
In the Moscow office of Meller Industriebau held a working meeting with the leadership of Nelson Bolzenschweissen.
Put into operation an object-purpose garage at the address: Str. Rimsky-Korsakov, 15, Moscow.
Open an additional branch in the Republic of Belarus, Minsk.
Contract signed for construction of ground in the parking garage, 2370 m / m at the address: Str. Most Ochakovskaya, vl.5.


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