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Germany, Cologne
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Russia, Moscow
Russia Moscow
Annenskaya str. 17 bild.1
Tel. +7 (495) 755 67 60
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Russia, Tula
Russia Tula reg.
p.Dubbovka Shcherbakova str. 10
Tel. +7 (487) 317 14 35
Fax. +7 (487) 317 26 31
Email tula@mellerbau.de
Belorussia, Minsk
Belorussia Minsk
3th Radiator per. 13
Tel. +7 (017) 312 41 49
Fax. +7 (017) 312 41 49
Email minsk@mellerbau.de
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The company Meller Industriebau is an experienced German specialist in the field of construction and investment and construction decisions.

Great experience, an established infrastructure and high professionalism of our specialists allow us to carry out high quality work in the industry on a global level.

The main advantages of our company are the highest international experience and extensive network of competent partners. Along with ongoing projects in the domestic market, the company MIB Meller Industriebau successfully implemented a number of projects both in the domestic market and abroad, while maintaining the high quality of German and European standards. The formula for success, contributing to the continued growth of our company is a detailed project planning at every stage of their development and in strict compliance with the requirements of German technical regulations.

Extensive experience in building construction general contract conditions - and in Moscow and throughout Russia - with the use of innovative technologies, advanced materials and unique manufacturing facilities gives us the ability, unlike most other construction companies, to offer truly integrated approach to construction sites, in many respects groundbreaking for the Russian market of construction services.

Well-developed network of partners and offices in the territories of the Russian Federation and the German Federal Republic is based on many years in construction and investment and construction industry allows us to meet almost all needs of our clients on the development of regional markets.

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